PCMCIA modem compatibility with
"Psion PC Card Modem Adaptor" & "Series 7"

Psion indicate the following Gold Card modems are compatible with the PC Card Modem Adaptor and the Series 7:

- Global 56K+Fax
- Global V34+Fax
- Global GSM
- Classic V34+Fax
- Classic V32bis

Other compatible models claimed to be:

- TDK 28K
- TDK Global Class 3310 V34
- Rockwell RS 56K
- Zoom PC card 56K
- 3Com Megahertz 56K XJack(3CXM756)

The following are NOT compatible:

- Netglobal 56K and 10mb versions,
- Global ISDN, Classic Ethernet version.
- TDKModem DF2814 V34
- US Robotics XJack V90 and Sportster V34