Sharing the PC’s Internet Connection with the Psion using “MochaPPP”

Part I - The PC

By installing a little application called “Mocha PPP” in the PC, the Psion can share an internet connection which has been established by the PC using either dialup or broadband access.

The necessary file to do this can be found by looking in the Palm Pilot list at [mochasoft] and clicking on the link for “Mocha W32 PPP”.

Alternatively, click on the link at the foot of this page to download a copy from my website.]

Download the file, install the application in the PC, launch it and you will see a dialog box like this:


Click on the “Settings Menu” to show this next dialog box:

Set the COM Port number to the port that you plug the PsiWin cable into, set the baud rate to the speed you normally use in the Psion’s “Control Panel / Modems” and select “WindowsCE” as the device (otherwise the speed is restricted). Click the “OK” box.


Part II - The Psion

Next, configure the Psion’s settings for
"Control Panel / Modems
" and "Control Panel / Internet"


 Control Panel / Modems

Open Control Panel and tap “Modems”, then tap “New” to create a new configuration.


Enter the settings per the following diagrams:

All of the initialisation string boxes remain blank:

Tap “OK” twice to save the new configuration and return to Control Panel



Control Panel / Internet

Return to Control Panel and tap “Internet”, Tap “New” to create a new configuration.


Leave the Based Upon line as “Standard Settings” and tap OK.

Configure the various tabs as per the diagrams:

Tap “Done” when completed and “OK” to return to Control Panel. Press "Esc" to exit from Control Panel. 

Connect the Psion to the PC with the PsiWin serial cable, but leave the “Link” (Ctrl-L in the system screen) set to “Off”.  Establish a connection to the internet with the PC, launch MochaPPP and connect to the internet via the shared connection with the Psion using an internet application or “The Dialer”. The MochaPPP dialog box should now indicate that a PDA/PC connection has been established.




1) If the PsiWin Connection Server (icon in the System Tray) is launched automatically when the PC boots, this must be closed down to free up the PC's serial port before MochaPPP can be used.

2) If you have Firewall software running in the PC, this must be configured to allow MochaPPP to connect.

Click button to download Mocha W32 PPP

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Mike McC
Updated Jan 2004