Mail not being deleted from the server after "moving" to local mailbox

Some users have found that mail messages which they have moved from the POP3 server to their local inbox are still on the server next time they connect. This is because closing the mailbox disconnects from the internet immediately and, if the mailbox hasn't actually closed properly prior to disconnection, the ISP leaves the message on the server. This is to safeguard mail in the event of a failed internet connection. The solution is to go to "Control Panel / Internet" and enter a value in the box "On exit, stay online for...". A few seconds will allow time for the mailbox to close.

Alternatively, you might like to enter a higher value which will allow sufficient time to change to a different mailbox or to a different application such as Web, Opera, RMRNews or WAP without the internet connection being dropped. The connection can be closed manually by pressing Ctrl-U twice.

Mike McC
Nov 2000